Glion alumni entrepreneurs success stories

Aug 24, 2016

“I had absolutely no idea that I would be a chocolatier running my own business.When I first started the venture I was a business partner with three other people. One of them was Christian Vautier who previously was my mentor. He taught me everything I know about chocolate in France, and when I came back to US, we opened the business together. Considering the fact that no one else in the US has never heard of Vautier’s work, our company was doing moderately well.

I was supposed to be managing the shop, but I ended up making the chocolate, working as the PR, managing the social media and much more. Therefore, as my name was everywhere, my partners decided to step out of business after three months only! So I have been let on this wild journey on my own with 400’000$ in depth that I was paying until the end of 2015. But I quickly re-branded overnight and gave my company a new name: Tache. And it has been my baby ever since! I am depth-free now, I am making much more money than before and I am truly happy.” Aditi Malhotra, 2005 Glion Alumna, Owner of Tache Artisan Chocolate

“When I came to Thailand from the Middle East (that I did not like so much), I was living in the dump and did not have any money. I found a job as a hotel manager and I quickly climbed the stairs up to the position of a Director of operations for a new brand under the same company. But my entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind led me to leave the company in 2013 and start my own business. I knew I had a great idea: to focus on managing the individual hotels where owners can have their own brand without sacrificing on service and product quality. This is how Miners Hospitality was born.

Unfortunately, not long after starting the company, we ran out of funds, and in order to save the company, my wife and I had to come up with a different plan. We started a streetcar restaurant business which became a genuine success in four months only! After six months on the road, we had enough money to build a proper restaurant which today is known as May’s Urban Thai Dine. The success of the restaurant gave me enough time and resources to refocus on Miners Hospitality.

In October 2015, I received a call with a message: Call this number. It may do something for you or not, but just call. So I did, and the gentleman on the other side said: I have a property and I want to make something exceptional out of it. I am in Pattaya now, can you come? And I went. And we created together The Monttra, a luxury boutique resort, probably the last magical sanctuary in Pattaya. I see The Monttra as a realisation of a dream.

With Miners Hospitality, I am currently developing a couple of hotel projects with a total of 500 rooms combined, both of which are very unique in their own ways, once again with services never seen before in Thailand.” Mendes Osiris Cavin, 2009 Glion Alumnus, Founder & CEO of Miners Hospitality

“I never envisaged leaving the hotel industry as I was in my last position Director Marketing & PR at the Le Montreux Palace. I married my husband in 2004 in Lausanne and after only 4 months being married, my husband got transferred to London. The idea rose that I needed a job, which is related to what I love to do, but which will accommodate family and husband's ambitions to become a GM.

When my maternity leave (which I never took as I worked from home) finished, my husband pushed me a bit to start my own recruitment business. Since I have been working myself in different Sales & Marketing and rooms positions and had a lot of useful contacts, I started searching for a few selective 5* luxury hotels and grew my business from there.

In 2007 we moved again, this time to Thessaloniki, but I could continue my business as the hotels where I placed people already came back and started recommending me. For the hotel clients it is not so important if you are based around the corner or in Timbuktu as long as you provide them the service they want.

I run this business for 10 years now and although still being a one-man show, I keep in touch with the industry, have the chance to meet candidates on showcases, events, fairs or for the appointments… I have grown a loyal hotel customer base mainly in Germany and the Middle East.

It also gave me a chance to liaise again with "old school mates" from Glion and I have also placed high calibre candidates in the sales & marketing and rooms division field in hotels of Glion Alumni.” Bettina Sickinger Saunders, 1996 Glion Alumna, Managing Director of the Appointment Ladder

“Even though I am coming from a real estate and construction background, I have never hidden my love for hospitality. Hence, I am currently making my first five-star hotel in India!

After graduating from Glion, I have set a company called GrandEra. My sister being a graduate from Les Roches, we have decided to build a chain of hotels across India together. Therefore, GrandEra is a Real Estate and Hospitality company that builds hotel properties and hands it over to prominent brands to run. Each of these properties are 100% owned by us and hence we take personal interest in the entire service aspect. In the future, after finishing our first hotel project, we plan to build an entire township and a second five-star hotel in Mumbai. For me, all this has been easier due to my MBA in Glion, as Glion made me confident, practical and precise in my approach to business.” Krish Puri, 2014 Glion Alumnus, Director at GrandEra Builders & Developers

"Since my graduation from Glion, I’ve worked for world-renowned hotels around the world. My first job was working at the Front Desk, but I moved up through the ranks as a management leader in Operations, Diplomatic and Entertainment Affairs.

Through these positions I was in charge of VIPs, Heads of States, Diplomats, dignitaries and celebrity clientele. I was responsible for organizing their entire stay and its logistics, as well as setting up movie junkets and/or film shoot and always felt the need to go above and beyond the expectations of my clients throughout the duration of their stay. I realized that I truly enjoy working with people of prestige and this is how I got the idea of building my own company.

Based on my skills and expertise in the hospitality industry, I launched World Luxury Hospitality - a travel company for the elite. I decided I wanted to create a service that caters specifically to my clients needs. As founder of my company, I was prepared to make this a full-time commitment and took action by establishing an international team with the headquarters in New York City. We provide service such as assisting with the acquisition of a property, planning an official Diplomatic visit, an influential business trip or just a vacation with the family. We have a vast global network capable of surpassing all facets of International and Domestic travel and business needs. The WLH team is always part of the client’s journey, assuring well-crafted and personalized experiences." Alexandra Helou, 2008 Glion Alumna, Founder of World Luxury Hospitality

We produce our own beer, which you can buy only here in Speyer. It is made strictly according to German brewing principles of pureness and traditional monastery brewing recipes from the year 1516!" Astrid Schott-Lemm, 1988 Glion Alumna, Owner of Hausbrauerei im Domhof restaurant

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