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On March 12, Camille Gersdorff and Xavier Rambaud officially launched Triptwin on the AppStore, a new personalized booking mobile app for people who love unique experiences and hate spending hours looking for it. Camille and Xavier have now been business partners for just over a year, but their friendship began during a class at Glion. “We met during a presentation I was giving about Ritz-Carlton, where I did my internship,” Camille said. “We had an intellectual match – we’re both very serious and committed about work and our careers, but we also have different competencies that complement one another,” Xavier said. “That’s what makes us so strong today.”

Glion prepared them with extensive experience of the hotel industry for their entrepreneurial efforts. Xavier also worked in two Parisian palaces, as well as gaining experience in Abu Dhabi at the Qasr Al Sarab. Camille travelled the world, with experiences in Shanghai, New York and London before moving to Paris. She is also involved in her family hospitality group Maison Gersdorff. “We are the owner and developer of unique hospitality experiences in Belgium,” she added. “We met thanks to Glion and we are now enjoying a wonderful experience,” both mentioned. 

Triptwin is the hotel booking app 2.0. Triptwin's algorithm selects up to three hotels according to your profile and wishes for your stay. They have been selected and visited with care by Camille and Xavier, passionate hoteliers. Xavier explained, “Our goal with Triptwin is to sell experience, not deals. Triptwin is the first personalized hotel booking app, where you start to book what you like, what you expect and what you deserve.” Camille mentioned, “We already signed around 150 hotel partners, the collection of hotels is located throughout France and Belgium. We aim to launch Triptwin in the UK and Italy next.”

They were both drawn to Glion for a variety of reasons. “We chose Glion because of its worldwide recognition, international network, and great balance between technical and practical skills,” both mentioned. “These are all key elements to succeed in a future professional life.”

In order to truly understand a great example of the Glion Alumni spirit, “go and check out our launch video on the Triptwin Facebook Page - Glion is a second family,” Camille said. 

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