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Oct 28, 2016

The art of making art is putting it together' that has been my motto since graduating from Glion. It has been one of the many of the supporting factors that have guided me along the way. After a successful international career with Hilton in the areas of Marketing, Operations and Franchising, I followed my passion for the performing arts and changed industry, obtaining a MSc in Arts Administration in my home town at the University of Zurich. I worked in the artistic administration for the Deutsche Oper in Dusseldorf and the classical music festival in Montreux. From 2008-13 I was at the Zurich Opera, last as the Head of Planning & Artistic Administration.

The joy to work impactful with people brought me to Vancouver in 2014, where I got certified as a professional coach (ACC) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and set up my own business. Being a coach enables me to combine all my experience and skills in service of individuals and teams. My focus lies in supporting professionals in high pressure roles being successful in moving through transitions and creating a sustainable resourceful mind set, while feeling confident, balanced and having fun. At your service, if you want to put it all together. I offer 1:1 or group sessions in English or German, and my clients are in Switzerland, Spain, New York, Brazil and Vancouver.

Being my own boss also allows me to pursue my artistic side as painter, printmaker, dance enthusiast and professionally trained singer. That ensures that I stay in balance myself and it lets me understand both, the business as well as art world. Currently, I'm also in the process of creating a concept called Star Cluster Space for professionals in the hospitality, tech and art industry. The idea is to set up a physical space and a community for people working from home, on the road or in small teams. A blend of a co-working space, a community center including meeting rooms and a multi-functional room, which offers a diverse event program from entertainment to educational, and which is run like a club.

It is thanks to my education, work experience and great people that I'm able to do all this. Glion played an important role in that!"

Brigit Elisabeth Eichenberger (1998)
Coaching & Consulting:
Co-working project:

"I had a great chance and opportunity to be graduated from Glion after a 3-year Bachelor in 1999. I have then traveled and worked for 5 years into Hotel - Management field in Europe, United States, Caribbean and Tahiti. During this time, when I was in Papeete in September 2004, a hotel guest, owner of the most luxurious jewellery shop in Bora-Bora proposed me to join his black pearl expert team. I packed everything and in less than 2 weeks was beginning my 2nd career. I have been trained on all selling aspects: on how to make jewellery, how to design a jewel, and was sent to the pearl farm to understand and learn the harvesting process.

3 years later I did my first boutique opening in Bora-Bora, helped by my mentor, and launched it in 2008. I remained there for a few months and finished my experience as employee in Noumea (New-Caledonia) as Sales and Marketing Manager of a 5 jewellery complexes. Then finally the 28th of May 2010 I have launched my own company: L'Atelier by William (Rebranded -TRESOR NOIR- in 2012) in Mauritius island.

I work essentially with 5 stars hotels, so the knowledge gained in Glion helps me a lot in the development of different activities. The GMs are really confident to make business with someone who already knows the high end luxury world, so it is easier to open new collaborations."

William de Marsangy (1999)
Tresor Noir:

"I always knew I would run my own business one day. My dad is an entrepreneur so I have grown up in this environment. He started his business at a critical time in history, in Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall was taken down and Communism ended. At this time everything was yet to be built and it was a great time for businesses to flourish. His journey always inspired me! He inspired my first venture: a collaborative middle school magazine called ‘Point Virgule’ that I created with my best friends (we were 10/11 years old at the time!). We did 3 publications and then we all changed school...

My second step towards entrepreneurship was a travel blog that I started while studying in Glion called Live Young Abroad. Don’t try to Google it, it crashed due to a technical problem (sad emoji). This blog was a great way to learn how to work on my own, sell my articles to restaurants and hotels or PR agencies and organize my time. I loved the fact that it was a combination of my passion for travel, hotels, restaurants and everything digital and social media. In Glion, I I did most of my internships in marketing, advertising and social media.

Working for international companies taught me a lot and mainly, that I didn’t want to work for big corporates or follow someone else’s dreams. I want to create something that inspires the new generation and change the dusty business models. My studies in hospitality and PR, my work experiences plus the internships have helped me take the decision to start my third venture last year, HANNAH BERAUD DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS. It s an integrated digital and marketing agency for the hospitality industry, servicing hotels, restaurants and the travel sector.

Unlike all of the digital PR or marketing agencies out there who focus on developing cheap solutions using ‘templates’ to please their clients, we believe in making things differently. We want to help businesses stand out of the crowd online instead of ‘copy paste’ what others do."

Hannah Hindi Beraud (2013)
Hannah Beraud Digital Communications:
Send your enquiries directly to Hannah by email or follow HANNAH BERAUD on Twitter @HannahBeraud

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