Alumni and students meet again on Glion campus!

Nov 11, 2016

On the 27th of October, the Glion Alumni Student-Network Event successfully took place in Skyline with the goal of strengthening the bond between alumni and the current student body, as well as to reward students who have been performing beyond expectations. The alumni, with backgrounds ranging from established hotel groups to luxury menswear, met, conversed and dined with current Glion campus students who have been identified as being academically excellent and highly motivated.

The event started off with some light conversation and cocktail as more alumni trickled into the Skyline bar. Mr. Guy Bentley, CEO of Glion Worldwide, made an appearance to welcome the alumni and assure all that the Glion brand is continuously directed for improvement; detailing plans for the enhancement of infrastructure and attaining new accreditation. The night continued with more drinks and a spectacular buffet courtesy of the always excellent F&B department. Students made connections with the alumni, asked them questions and received generous advice which they would, with no doubt, put into good use. Alumni members also caught up with one another, and even met new faces from different graduation years, which ranged from 1985 to 2013.

It became apparent that much has changed in Glion for the alumni as they reminisced into their respective pasts here, but one thing is for sure: it has become a better place. Change will always come but, as the alumni and students have proven in this event, the Glion Spirit is eternal. It is hoped that this type of events will perpetuate far into the future with Glion, while establishing a cycle of connection and network.

A heartfelt thanks to the alumni guests, student attendees, Sandra Meier and the AAG, the F&B department, Guy Bentley and his management team, the GASN student committee and countless others for the continuous help and support.

Written by Andyas Geraldo (Glion student, second semester)

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