Where is home?
Home for me is in Strasbourg, France.

Graduation year:

Program studied at Glion:
Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality Management

What brought you to the UK? How long have you been here for?
I came to London through an inter-company transfer and arrived in October 2015.

What was your first role after graduating?
My first role after graduating was Roving Food and Beverage Assistant Manager for the pre-opening and opening of a hotel in Florida.

Tell us about your current role and summarize it in 3 key points?
I am currently Hotel Manager of the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill. Managing a hotel can be very easily summarized in managing three things: its PEOPLE, its PRODUCT and its PROFIT.

What is your typical day in the office?
There are no typical days at the office for me, which is probably one of the main reasons I like my job so much.
A hotel manager is a bit like the lighthouse of the hotel; someone that brings guidance and inspires a team, someone who constantly chases ways to improve the product and guest experience. The key to succeed is to be accessible to all (guests and colleagues) and to work on projects that enhance our products, operations, and financial results. In summary, you will find me everywhere around the hotel FOH and BOH from early morning to night talking to colleagues and guest or working on several projects.

Does your current role match the professional life you imagined having when studying?
Yes, entirely!

What are the key changes you see in your role in the next 5 years?
Due to the increasing amount of options in the industry with more hotels, new concepts and of course new business models (such as AirBnb) and the increasing difficulties to find associates that have the passion for the industry, I can see an essential need for the industry leaders to be innovative and adapt to our guest/colleagues needs and expectations.

3 key trends in your industry right now are...

1- Rise of the millennial traveler : the educated and demanding travelers
2- The increased use of technology
3- The increase of niche market places and of the sharing economy business model (AirBnB)

How would you describe your perfect day off?

To spend time with my wife and 2 kids.

What is your favorite place in London & why?
I have travelled and lived in many different countries during the last 15 years and find London a very special place, full of parks, museums, restaurants, markets, and history. If I had to choose one place only, I believe that I would choose Camden Town. It is a very versatile place where people from all origins and background meet, a place where street food from all origins, handicraft and artists mix in harmony: quite a unique location.

The Glion Alumni network – what does it mean to you?

I have not been very active in the past years with the Glion Alumni network, however realize that it is a great way to keep in touch with our alumni, to meet new alumni.

Top tips for the current Glion students who are planning to move to the UK?
More than tips about moving to UK, I would like to share tips about our industry. The hospitality industry is a fantastic but intense industry. Therefore, I would recommend anyone to be passionate about what they do and to do it because they love it. It is all about the people, the one you work with and the one you welcome in you businesses.

Finally, what will you do tomorrow? What’s next for you?
Tomorrow, I will come to the hotel and care for our people so that they can be their best!
What is next for me? Continue enjoying what I do every day: Work in the hospitality industry.

What is the best advice you have ever received / A word for the other Glion Alumni in the UK?
Life is not a rehearsal, so enjoy it fully.

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