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  • Alumni Ambassador Newsletter (June 2018)

    Jul 28, 2017

    Dear Alumni Ambassadors,

    Welcome to the first edition of the Glion Alumni Ambassador newsletter. We value the dedication and passion our ambassadors have for their alma mater. As we continue to move forward, it is important that you feel supported and are aware of what is happening within the AAG, Glion and alumni community. We value your input and look forward to collaboratively working with you. Please share with us your ideas for events, content and benefits for the future.

    The Alumni Team




    Introducing your alumni team 

    We are committed to connecting with our alumni by creating meaningful engagement that will enrich them socially and professionally. READ MORE




    The Alumni Association Glion (AAG) Committee 

    The Alumni Association Glion (AAG) committee is elected every two years. They are responsible for continuing to promote the Glion spirit.





    The new alumni proposition

    We want to ensure all alumni receive the latest information on industry trends, have ample opportunities to interact with one another, and exchange and impart key industry knowledge.




    Alumni events and gatherings

    Special thanks to our ambassadors for Switzerland, Florida (USA) and Brazil for helping turn these events into amazing experiences.




    Upcoming events and gatherings

    From Tokyo to London, we have some exciting alumni gatherings planned over the coming weeks. 




    Help us get consent

    GDPR has been the name on everyone’s lips over the past month. We hope that you replied to our own message regarding this, as well as providing your consent to receive future communications.




    Keep us in the know 

    At our gatherings, please ensure that you collect alumni contact information using the tools provided. That way, we can make sure everyone is kept in the loop for future events and news.

    Gardons l'Esprit de Glion pour toujours
    We are here to promote the Glion Spirit and make sure that it never fades!


    Other news

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