How did it feel? Did it feel like coming home? Like all these years of “adult life” were erased completely, and like they were, once again, all-too-young Glioners, both excited and terrified to make first steps in their hospitality journey?

Yes and no. Because although they were back, they were back as their new selves: successful entrepreneurs and experienced hospitality professionals who were eager to share their industry experiences with each other at the Glion General Assembly of 2017.

The weekend of 24th and 25th of March was truly packed with exciting events. Wonderful Friday dinner, where alumni had an opportunity to catch up with old friends; Saturday with its grand Assembly meeting, seated dinner and the bitter-sweet goodbye party – another memory and another opportunity to remember all the exciting times of their Glion years.

Memories were relived and shared this weekend, new and old stories told, and newly found motivation to succeed, become better, expand knowledge about the hospitality field will, hopefully, carry our alumni even further on their way to ultimate success. Success, which is defined differently for each one of them.

And yet we are always happy to see them come back home!

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